Guy laughing

Youngblood when he found out that there were other people in the world that liked old music.

"This video explains it all."



Not as good as Kenny The Panda Though!

-Smugs, as giving Flip all the tacos (Raven in the French Version).

Early YearsEdit

Youngblood was born when a singularity formed between a six-year-old boy's imaginary figment, a copy of Freud's publication "Civilization and its Discontents," and a spare Beatles record in downtown Joisey, which created the child that we call "Ben-Jammin'." He was easily recognizable in his childhood thanks to his unusually well-developed fro and instinctive ability to use the most complex terms available in the English language and actually kno
Tiger attack

The following picture was taken shortly after Ben was made fun of by his arch-rival, "youngbloodfanno2."

w what they mean.
Unfortunately, after gaining quite a bit of popularity among his peers, he discovered that his friends in school did not understand the words. This is where Ben developed an aneurysm that caused his peculiar form of intellect to form his catchphrase for years to come: "Ugh, yo face." Ben went on to discover the Internet later in his life, where he still had quite the way to go in terms of video production, as he spent a deal of his time under the alias "youngbloodfantasy92." His feature productions, as he called them, allowed him to refine his trade as he learned to properly impliment his hidden intellect.