Black Brony

Lazarus, on Instagram, straight flexin'. As anyone can see, he didn't pop a molly, because he isn't sweating. Whoo

Joesph "Lazarus" Konee, TheOnlyLazarus, or TheOnlyLazuras, is the punching-bag of the commentary community. Everyone calls him black, but has no idea why. If you don't know why Lazarus is called black, or who started it, yet you still use the joke, You Mad Pussy.

- William Meager "Boss" Tweed

He's really gunning for him and he's shaken like a mango smoothie! So let's get cut to the chase!

- The Narrator from "Nightmare Next Door"

He elso starred in the popular movie "Django Unchained" where he killed a bunch of white people to 2Pac.

- xXRawgasmXx

The Ballad of Michael Hackson

The Ballad of Michael Hackson

One of the really Funny Lazarus videos by someone who doesn't even know the origins XDDDDD. Music by PresidentFlip