Hey, it beats Honey Boo Boo...

That's So MrSirRaven is a Itlandic sitcom television series broadcast on the Disney Channel. The plot revolves around a not so typical commentator, MrSirRaven and his schemes to get people to believe he is Itlandic, when we knew that was a lie. Him and his friends, Ben, Tyler and family members such as his brother Corey Pingas, try very, VERY,  hard to get out of various situations, usually by using his multilingual spam and skills as a Grammar Nazi.

Cast and charactersEdit

  • MrSirRaven as himslef
  • TheOnlyLazuras as Tyler
  • youngbloodfantasy as Ben
  • Crazy Cheese McGee (CCM) as Schnitzel the Furfag
  • Trinidad James as Hopeton
  • Lazarus' Sister as Sheenquah (Seasons 1-3)

Running gagsEdit

  • MrSirRaven would often talk about his days in Itland.
  • MrSirRaven spoke in French periodically.
  • Throughout the seasons, MrSirRaven would say "I'm OK" whenever he died. And he died a lot. But then people would call him a cyberbully.
  • The recurring character, Stanley, would often request Master TP to Pop a Molly and Sweat if he ever won a game or competition or if someone wanted him to do something.
  • Schnitzel the Furfag's obsession with tacos and communism was a running gag throughout the series.
  • Whenever MrSirRaven would be caught in an awkward situation, he would mutter "ewwqwfewifowe4qfweuoewfdsddfFRENCHLOLusidweyeuedwuhewuewfuei?"
  • Master TP would often refer to people as "my nig nog ding dong donkey kong" (mostly Ben and Shnitzel).
  • Schnitzel occasionally would say "#YOLOSWAGJESUS4LIFE" in season 420.
  • Ben's lack of foreskin would often serve as a form of humor in the series.
  • Very rarely in the series, Victor Baxter would do the splits and say "Here comes the pain."
  • If someone said that Sheenquah was "Mad Pussy" she would reply "NOU!" This happens on two seperate occasions.
  • Ben would often have problems with gardening. Throughout most of Season 2 he kept trying to plant vegetables but, as he says, "They DON'T WON'T GROW."