*Insert Metal Gar (yes, gar) Solid reference here.

Megaconda is believed to be a giant anaconda, and was in fact a real specimen. The Brazilians called the terrifyingly enormous snake a "Matatoro" or bull killer, after the half-swallowed bull they claimed to have found inside it. But It's still, in a dream, SNAKE EATER! DA DAH DAH DUNNNNN. *whispers* snake eater.

Kills in Lost TapesEditEdit

Joseph "Lazarus" Kony's dog Bishop, animal activist Scott Pilgrim, and Ken "TOGProfessor" Tobar. The two remaining surivivors Alex "CCM" d'Tryharde and Kony give their testimonies to the FBI. Although numerous exotic and illegal animals & parts were found in the warehouse they were investigating, no giant anaconda they claimed to have seen was never found. As it turned out, the megaconda, soon realizing this was the only ounce of glory it would ever see, ate itself in its sudden depression. The FBI, claiming that this was all a plan to get Kony out of hiding, forced Joseph to watch 30 minutes of TOG and co "trolling" Ben "Hobbes" the Builder, 3 minutes of Hobbes telling people to "lighten up" (despite not bringing any lemon juice which helps lighten skin), a commentary on it by Hobbes' ex-boyfriend. Joshua "FAT JOE" Hodgeson. Kony posted one last thin on his Twitter before he shot himself in the head, "#OOYAY". CCM, however, gave up animal activism in favor of marrying his true lover. Jeff "from EarthBound" (last name withheld). Unfortunately, Jeff turned CCM down for HIS true love, MorganHedgeLionessXX. Hey, it's a happy ending for someone ;)